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Welcome to the Homepage of Leslie Lacika Designs

Meet Quilt, Textile, & Craft Artist, 

Leslie Ann Lacika


Leslie joins the staff of The Academy of Quilting (www.academyofquilting.com).

Check out Leslie’s blog (www.lacika.org/~leslie/blog) for the current schedule of classes.


Leslie is a self-taught seamstress, learning to sew on her own as a child. Even in those younger days, she changed and adapted patterns in her clothing designs and other projects, and rarely worked straight from a pattern.  She has been quilting for more than twenty-five years.  Her quilting passions extend from the traditional to contemporary.  She loves to reshape ideas and incorporate new and unusual materials into her works.  She enjoys all types of quilting, including piecing and appliqué, machine and handwork.  In addition to quilting, Leslie has a wide range of artistic talents (including woodworking, tiling, embroidery, knitting and crocheting).  She often thinks out-of-the-box in her design approach and employs unusual methods and includes unique items in these works as well as in her quilts. 

Leslie is an active member of the Milford Valley Quilters Guild.  She has chaired committees, taught fellow guild members, and participated in numerous guild activities - including challenges, shows, community service, and workshops.

She lives with her husband, Mike, in the lovely Pocono Mountains of northeast Pennsylvania.  Moving on from a career in education as a school librarian and teacher, she continues to expand her quilting horizons, teaching others and learning from those she teaches.


What others say about Leslie:

"Your enthusiasm is contagious."    "What fun!"    "Inspiring presentation" "Informative"     "New ideas"    "Entertaining"

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